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Snow mixed at times with rain especially well south of Interstate 70 is expected to accumulate 2" to 4" for most of the area tonight and another 1" to 2" Monday, for a total accumulation of 3" to 6" for most of the area through Monday evening.  In our far southern counties where more rain mixes in (especially southern parts of Monroe, Noble, and Marshall counties and Wetzel County), 1" to 3" snow is expected, with Tyler County likely to receive an inch or less.  


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Fans enjoy Jamboree at annual watch party


CADIZ, Ohio -

While lots of fans are having a good time at Jamboree in the Hills, one group of friends decided to start up a Jamboree watch party eight years ago and it has become a tradition ever since.

David and Gina Ferri of Cadiz spent many years having a great time at Jamboree with a group of couples. In 2006, they started having children so they decided to start a Jamboree watch party on "Ferri Hill."

"We started this up so all of us could bring our kids up here and have fun and enjoy it with the kids. It's gotten bigger every year that we've done it, this is our eighth year," Ferri said.

The four-day celebration is full of lots of food, fun games and of course, Jamboree on live on all the TVs.

"We have a good time up here, you know everybody so it's really nice," Chuck Yoho said.

The Ferri's said they miss going to Jamboree but the watch party is a fun and laid back way to enjoy the Jamboree hype.

Fans enjoy Jamboree at annual watch party

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