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Jamboree Stories

Jamboree Stories

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Ohio State Highway Patrol to be out in full force for Jamboree

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – It’s the third week in July in the Ohio Valley, and that means one thing: Jamboree in the Hills 2014.
While some are putting on their party hats, others are suiting up to tackle the massive job of police enforcement. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is increasing enforcement with 250 federal hours of overtime.
“We have people coming from all over the country, all walks of lives, that are going to be attending this event," said Lt. James Faunda of the St. Clairsville Post of the OSHP.
While most people let down their hair during the third week in July, others ramp up efforts to have eyes virtually everywhere. Faunda is part of the latter group, tasked with overseeing a diligent team of troopers from all over the state for a mission, a shared cause, and a purpose.
"One of the things we're looking to prevent this year is fatal crashes,” Faunda said. “You remember a couple years ago we had the vehicle that went into the pond and one person died. That's our big reason for using the overtime and for the increased presence."
Of course, this enforcement isn't about preventing a good time. It's more about promoting a life-saving message.
"Our message is constant. If you're going to consume alcohol, do not travel on the roadways," Faunda said.
The patrol will also be scouting out intoxicated pedestrians and those using illegal narcotics as troopers gear up for a week-long increase in arrests.
Faunda says the Post is prepared for an all-time high as far as the number of people attending Jamboree this year. That's another reason the patrol has increased the number of troopers on the road.

Ohio State Highway Patrol to be out in full force for Jamboree

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