Bishop Donahue

Bishop Donahue

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VIDEO: 2014 Media Day - Andrew Cunningham

Updated: Tuesday, August 5 2014, 03:05 PM EDT
VIDEO: 2014 Media Day - Andrew Cunningham

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Bishop Donahue

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: John Durdines

College Attended: West Liberty
History of Coaching: 2000 - Assistant; 2002-present Head Coach
Record as Head Coach: 68-58
Overall Coaching Record: 68-58
Current School Record as Head Coach: 68-58

Family Info: Wife-Michelle; Children-Anastasia, Ashley
Greatest Moment as Head Coach: They are all great memories
Hobby: Spending time with family
What person inspired you to coach: Jim Thomas
If I wasn't a coach, I would be ____? Bored

A positive comment about another OV football coach/program: Coach Holenka does a great job keeping a lot of talented kids focused on team goals."

Quote about Upcoming Season: "We have a lot of kids excited to go out and compete and improve on last year."

Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Monarch Stadium
Type of Turf: Grass
Stadium Seating Capacity: 4,000
School/Team Information
High School: Bishop Donahue
School Address: 325 Logan St., McMechen, WV
School Phone: 304-233-3850
Contact for Boosters: 304-233-3850
Contact for Tickets: 304-233-3850
Athletic Director: Donnie Murray 304-233-3850
School Colors: Green & Gold

Mascot: Bishops
Greatest Moment In Team History: Undefeated Season 2010
State Division or Class: A
Last Conference Title: 2010
School's Biggest Rivalry: Wheeling Central
Playoff Appearance/Record: 8/ 6-8
# Of State Championships/Year: 0
Last Year Team In Playoffs: 2013
Last Year's Football Record: 8-4
Type Of Offense: Spread
Type Of Defense: 4-4

Player Information
How Many Returning Offensive Players: 6
How Many Returning Defensive Players: 6
How Many Returning Lettermen: 13
Key Returning Players: Jesse Padlow, Matt Vucilek, Alex Riedel, Josh Miller, C.J. Huff

Key Players Lost to Graduation: Lavonte Hampton, Lane LeMasters, Jared Yates

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