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9.20.13 -Video Highlights- Barnesville vs Buckeye Trail

Updated: Saturday, September 21 2013, 02:16 AM EDT
9.20.13 -Video Highlights- Barnesville vs Buckeye Trail9.20.13 -Video Highlights- Barnesville vs Buckeye Trail

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Buckeye Trail

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: Bill Hartmeyer
Coaching History: West Muskingum head coach (1981-85), John Glen (1989-1995). First year at Buckeye Trail.
If I wasn't a coach, I'd be a ____? High school principal
Greatest moments as head coach? MUL championship at West M.
What Person inspired you to coach? Former Zanesville coach Ron Apperson.
Family info: 3 grown children, 6 grandchildren, wife Charlene.

A positive comment about another OV football coach/program: "I am proud to be a part of the great football tradition of the Ohio Valley."

Quote about your team's upcoming season: "We are excited to continue thee development of the football program at Buckeye Trail. We have a great tradition and hope get it back."

Assistant Coaches:
Donnie Kerus - Assistant head coach, QBs/LBs
Darin Wilson - WRs-OLBs
Grant Hall - DBs-RBs

Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Baker Activity Complex
Type Of Turf: Grass
School/Team Information
High School: Buckeye Trail High School
Address: 65555 Wintergreen Road
Lore City, OH 43755
Athletics Director: Steve Tellep
Mascot: Warriors
School Colors: Blue, White
Best Known Alumni:
Jeff Snedegar
John Robinson

Player Information
Key players returning: Triston King, Dalton Choate, Dillon Pointer, Casey Raber, RJ Douglas, Tyler Faulk, Troy Poatias, Kiel Berger
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