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VIDEO: 2014 Media Day - Keaton Herron

Updated: Monday, August 4 2014, 04:17 PM EDT
VIDEO: 2014 Media Day - Keaton Herron

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: Thom Lesiecki
Coaching History: Head Coach at Lorain Catholic, New London, Brookside
College attendend: Cleveland State University
Record as Head Coach: 44-96
Record at school: 0-0
Family information: Wife Jane; Kids - Michael, Emma, Maggie, Nicholas
Assistant Coaches
Zach Golec, Bo Brandon, Bob Manchster, Daquane Finley.
Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Claymont Stadium
Type of Turf: Grass
Stadium Address: 11th St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 
Stadium Phone: (740) 922-1546  
School/Team Information
High School: Claymont High 
SchoolSchool Address:  4205 Indian Hill Rd, Uhrichsville, OH 44683
School Phone: 740-922-3471
Contact for Boosters: Melinda Grant
Contact for Tickets: Kyle Daniel
Athletic Director/Contact Info: Kyle Daniel (740) 922-3471
Mascot: Mustangs 
Team Colors: Brown/White/Orange
State Division/Class: Division III
Last Season's Record: 4-6
Type of Offense: Spread, Pistol, WingT
Type of Defense: 4-3
Playoff Appearance/Record: 1992/0-1
Last year in Playoffs: 1992
School's Biggest Rivalry: Indian Valley
Last Conference Title: 2013 (ECOL Gray Division). 

Returning Offensive Players: 6
Returning Defensive Players: 6
Key Returning Players: Justice Avery, Jaret Aubiel, Holden Doane, Lyle Clark, Brian Ruffini, Hunter Miles, Corey Paisle, Thomas Edwards
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