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9.13.13 -Video Highlights- Monroe Central vs River

Updated: Saturday, September 14 2013, 03:07 AM EDT
9.13.13 -Video Highlights- Monroe Central vs River 9.13.13 -Video Highlights- Monroe Central vs River

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: Mike Flannery

College Attended: West Liberty University
Family Info: Wife: Carolyn, Children: Joey, Lauren
Hobbies: Old cars and antiques
Coaching Inspiration: My dad, Marty
If I wasn't a coach, I would be ____? A buyer of goods.
Greatest Moment as head coach: 12-1 in 2008.

Positive comment about another OV football coach/program: "There are many coaches in the Valley that I enjoy talking football with. A lot of knowledge."

Quote about your team's upcoming season?
"Only nine juniors and seniors, and two of them are out for the first time and one is a kicker. So only six are offensive and defensive returnees and four were starters. we have two big freshmen and sophomore classes."

Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Flannery Field
Type of Turf: Grass
School/Team Information
High School: River High School
School Address: Box 37, River N.S. Road, Hannibal, Ohio, 43931
School Phone: 740-483-1358
Mascot: Pilot
School Colors: Scarlet & Grey
State Division or Class: 6
Last year in the playoffs: 2012
Last year's Record: 4-6
Type of Offense: Multiple
Type of Defense: 4-3
Conference/Class: OVAC, PVC
Best Known Alumni: Dylan Potts
Schools Biggest Rivalry: Magnolia and Monroe

Player Information
Returning Offensive Players: 3
Returning Defensive Players: 4
Returning Lettermen: 9
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