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winter weather advisory all but Tyler County until 1 pm Monday

Snow mixed at times with rain especially well south of Interstate 70 is expected to accumulate 2" to 5" for most of the area tonight and another 1" to 2" Monday, for a total accumulation of 3" to 7" for most of the area through Monday evening.  In our far southern counties where more rain mixes in (especially southern parts of Monroe, Noble, and Marshall counties and Wetzel County), 1" to 3" snow is expected, with Tyler County likely to receive an inch or less.  


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10.11.13 -Video Highlights- Shenandoah vs Monroe Central

Updated: Saturday, October 12 2013, 01:59 AM EDT
10.11.13 -Video Highlights- Shenandoah vs Monroe Central 10.11.13 -Video Highlights- Shenandoah vs Monroe Central

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: Kaleb Lawrence
Coaching History: 5 years of coaching, 34d as a head coach
Overall Coaching Record: 1-19
Current School record as head coach: 1-19
College Attended: Glenville State

Quote about your team's upcoming season: "We're taking big strides in the right direction."

Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Zep Stadium
Field Name: Zep Field
Type of Turf: Grass
Stadium Seating Capacity: 1,500
School/Team Information
High School: Shenandoah
School Phone: 740-732-2361
Athletic Director: Nelllie Leach
Contact for Boosters: Tammy Zwick
Contact for tickets: Justin Denius

Mascot: Zeps
School Colors: Forest Green & White
State Division/Class: Division 6
Last Year's Football Record: 1-9
Type Of Offense: Pro-Style
Type Of Defense: 4-4
Conference/Class: PVC, OVAC
School's biggest rival: Caldwell

Best Known Alumni:
Jed Stephen

Player Information
How many returning offensive players: 5
How many returning defensive players: 5

No further information submitted by school
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