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VIDEO: 2014 Media Day - Travis Slater

Updated: Thursday, August 7 2014, 11:25 AM EDT
VIDEO: 2014 Media Day - Travis Slater

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Coach's Corner


Head Coach: Shane Highley
College Attended: WVU
History of Coaching: Three years as an assistant
Record as Head Coach: 0-0
Overall Coaching Record: 0-0
Current School Record as Head Coach: 0-0

Family Info: Wife Stacia, Children: Marcie, Kolb
Greatest Moment as Head Coach: N/a
Hobby: Fishing - Hunting

Quote about Upcoming Season: "We are finished just being OK."
Stadium Information
Stadium Name: Thomas C. West Field
Stadium Address: WW11 Veterans Drive, Pine Grove
Type of Turf: Grass
Stadium Seating Capacity: 900
Contact for Boosters: Debbie Bates
Athletic Director: John Kocher
Last Year Team In Playoffs: 2004 - Coach Kocher
Last Year's Football Record: 2-8
Type Of Offense: Mix
Type Of Defense: 4-3
Conference/Class: OVAC (A) Mason-Dixon
Schools Biggest Rivalry: Paden City

Player Information
How Many Returning Offensive Players: 8

How Many Returning Defensive Players: 9

Returning Lettermen: 12

Key Players That Graduated: Chase West, Luke Martin
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