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Rain can freeze when it makes contact with the cold ground.
Freezing rain can arrives between 8:30-9 am at I-77 & between 9:30-10 am along the Ohio River.


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Bridgeport Mayor takes over cleanup

Updated: Thursday, May 15 2014, 06:54 PM EDT
BRIDGEPORT, Ohio – Bridgeport Mayor John Callarik is so frustrated about this year’s Community Cleanup, he’s taken over the process.
Last year's cleanup was led by the mayor. This year, members of the Garbage and Refuse Committee attempted to handle it themselves in April.
That's when all this confusion began. But they never secured a company to do the work. And now, the mayor is claiming he has done it for them and he had some choice words for committee members Thursday.
“They made a big problem,” he said. “My council people this year -- every time I bring something up, it's a 4-2 vote. We can't get nothing done and it's been like that for several years now. I'm going. I don't care if they like me or not. I'm not quitting."
What it means is that large piles of trash, some of which have been sitting out along the streets since the middle of April, will finally be taken.
Pick-up days will be May 28-30.

Bridgeport Mayor takes over cleanup

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