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A dozen animals removed from Belmont County farm

Updated: Tuesday, January 14 2014, 05:14 AM EST

By: Ryan Eldredge

Belmont County, OH ---

Investigators in Belmont County say they found one horse dead and ten others in appalling conditions at a farm in the Somerton area.


The horses along with two dogs were recovered on Saturday morning by humane officer Mandae Lewis with the help of volunteers from the Ohio Valley.


“This is a case of people not knowing how to properly care for horses,” said Lewis. “They get a couple mares with a stallion and year after year they are breeding and having babies. Pretty soon they overpopulate."


Lewis says the animals were found with broken bones, gashes, and sick. Of the 10 horses 3 were mares, 1 was a colt, and 6 were Phillies. The dogs are a shepherd-mix.


On Monday night Lewis spoke about the condition of the animals.


"The babies are appalling. The vet scored them a 1 which is the worst we can possibly get.” said Lewis. “The mares have wormy bellies. It's pretty appalling."


Lewis says there were metal and other objects lying in the middle of the pasture, which led to some of the injuries.


Lewis told NEWS9 that she had been keeping tabs on the farm for a year and ramped up her investigation after receiving a complaint last week.


Lewis says the rescue only happened thanks to hard work and help from a group of concerned citizens.


Many of which arrived at the farm with trailers ready to load the animals and take them to safety on Saturday.


“I put a plea out last week and the response on Facebook was overwhelming," said Lewis.


"People see all the time stories of starving horses that need rescued and people ask, ‘how come nobody did anything about it?’ Well we're here to do something about it," said volunteer Trisha Conrad.


Animal cruelty charges against the two brothers who own the animals are still pending. Lewis says the Belmont County Animal Rescue League needs help to provide hay and bedding for the horses.


If you want to donate, you can call the shelter or drop off donations. Once the animals have been fully rehabilitated they will be available for adoption.

A dozen animals removed from Belmont County farm

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