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Barnesville-area school teacher ready for first Boston Marathon

Updated: Friday, April 18 2014, 06:27 PM EDT
BARNESVILLE, Ohio – It’s one of the biggest marathons nationwide with more than 20,000 runners from around the country gearing up for the Boston Marathon.
At least one of those runners is from the Ohio Valley.
He’s Jacob Neagli, an art teacher at Olney Friend's School in Barnesville who has been training for the 26.2 mile run.
“If you're doing marathons you have to do Boston at one point," Neagli said.
It’s his first time competing in a full marathon, but his training schedule is not all that intense, mostly because he runs seven days a week, 365 days a year.
"Training-wise I actually try and shoot for 60 to 65 miles a week ,” Neagli said. “That's what I've been doing for the past month and a half. Before that, I was building backup to the 60 and 65 a week, and that is actually less than what most people do when training for marathons. "
Running is like second nature to Neagli. In fact, it's something he's enjoyed doing with his family most of his life, and now he teaches young runners at Olney Friends School.
“One of the main reasons I am trying to get students to run more is actually to create a good habit,” he said. “It doesn't have to be a habit that's every single day, but it's showing that it is possible to do something that is good for you and will help people around you.”
His motivation is simple. He just enjoys running.
“I also just enjoy racing in general, so actually doing the race and finishing that is what I'm looking forward to.”

Barnesville-area school teacher ready for first Boston Marathon

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