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Belmont County

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Belmont County commissioners taking a look at the roads

Updated: Friday, March 21 2014, 01:31 PM EDT

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – After hearing several complaints from Belmont County residents regarding the lousy road conditions, commissioners are looking at putting a program together to get some of the roads not only temporarily patched, but paved.
Belmont County commissioner Matt Coffland said Willow Grove Road in St. Clairsville is one road that has received several complaints.
“It is really bad,” he said. “It’s bad everywhere, the villages the townships, and the county are all facing the same problem. It’s going to be a tough year to recover from this one.”
Coffland said the commissioners gave the county engineer's department a half a million dollars to put toward fixing roads, bridges, and guardrails.
“We are also working with the oil and gas companies,” Coffland said. “Any place that they are doing work, we are working with them to upgrade the roads before they start doing the oil and gas on those roads.”
Coffland says there has been a ton of pavement that's been laid by the oil and gas companies.
Commissioners want to make sure that is all completed, and will then move on and spend the county dollars on the rest of the roads that need to be repaired.
“I hope the residents of Belmont County will give us time to wait until the asphalt plants open so that we can put hot patch in instead of what you know is cold patch,” Coffland said.
Cold patch is what crews are fixing the roads with right now. Coffland thinks it’s a waste of dollars because you put it on and it comes right back off. When the plants open up in the next week or two, they will be able to get hot patch down and it will stay much longer on the roads.
Coffland said this year has been the worst he has seen as far as road complaints go and that's all because of the brutal winter we've had.

Belmont County commissioners taking a look at the roads

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