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Cold weather delays construction project

Updated: Monday, March 24 2014, 12:40 PM EDT


In Belmont County, construction crews had to delay a project that was supposed to begin today on I-70 from Bridgeport West about three miles, but due to these unusually cold March temperatures, they were forced to delay it until it warms up.

The project is for repaving, a new guardrail, and a new barrier wall.

“We aren't starting because spring isn't really here yet, normally we look at a few different things when we start projects, two temperatures in particular, we want everything above freezing in the morning,” said construction area engineer for ODOT’s Belmont County Garage, Jim Graham.

Graham said that they need the temperature to be around 50 degrees for the day for asphalt paving, pavement marking, for and painting.

"It also helps with concrete if it's warmer, and we just haven’t seen it, we're supposed to be averaging above freezing in the mornings and in the 50’s right now and we aren't,” said Graham.

He said maintenance crews aren't the only ones that look out and track the weather.

Graham said he uses several different weather services.

"And right now we’re seeing some awfully cold weather this week, lows in the teens, that doesn’t even creep above 50 degrees a few of the days,” said Graham.

He said they’re supposed to start on the I-70 project from Bridgeport West next week when the temperatures warm up, but if there's a cold snap or an "Easter storm,” crews will have to be stopped for a while.

"We have a lot going on right now on I-70 on the interstate in Belmont county this year and we would hope people would slow down and keep our construction workers safe,” said Graham.

Next week so far looks beautiful and much warmer with temperatures into the 60's even.

Graham said it will be the perfect weather for them to begin and will probably really kick off the season next week.

Cold weather delays construction project

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