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Couple saves woman pinned by car

Updated: Tuesday, October 15 2013, 08:08 PM EDT

By: Crissy Clutter


A Martins Ferry woman says she's grateful a couple, living close to her, heard her screams for help.

"I didn't think anyone had heard me when the car began rolling, knocked me down, and pinned me into the bushes," said Judy Mitchell.

Mitchell was unloading her groceries, when her car began to move, dragging her with it.

She says a young couple came to her rescue along with police.

"I was fortunate that they ran up, I had been laying there for several minutes, but they just came into the alley to help me and moved my car," added Mitchell.

Mitchell was so shocked she forgot to get the couple's name.

"I posted it on Facebook and found them," said Mitchell.

Samantha Snyder and Aaron Staley were the young couple, but they say they are not heroes.

"We were just helping our neighbor," said Burns.

Mitchell said she is very grateful and blessed

Couple saves woman pinned by car

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