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Crackdown on dump sites

Updated: Wednesday, October 16 2013, 07:40 PM EDT

By Crissy Clutter


Belmont County has had a longstanding problem with illegal dumping.

Sheriff Dave Lucas said Wednesday that garbage is a real issue in the county and he gets dozens of calls.

"We hadn't been able to give it all of the time it has needed, but now thankfully to the J.B. Green team and commissioners we're going to have a deputy work closely with the residents and investigate," said Lucas.

Richland Township Trustee Greg Bizzari said it's a relief that they will have help taking care of the issue.

"A lot of people think if it's not in their backyard it's not an issue, but it is a big problem," said Bizzari.

The sheriff's office has purchased a new truck, with money donated from J.B. Green, for investigating dumping sites.

"There will be no warning….we catch you dumping we're going to charge you and take you to court," said Lucas.

If you have an issue, you are urged to contact the Belmont County Sheriff's Office at 740-695-7933.


Crackdown on dump sites

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