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Fmr. police chief granted release from prison

Updated: Friday, September 27 2013, 08:02 PM EDT

By: NEWS9 and Philip Stahl


The former Martins Ferry police chief convicted of multiple crimes in connection with a celebrity surrogate scandal will be a free man in about six months.

During a judicial hearing Friday, a judge granted Barry Carpenter’s request to be released from prison early.

Judge John Solovan ruled that Carpenter will stay at the Belmont County Jail until a spot opens up at the Eastern Ohio Correction Center, where Carpenter will remain for six months to undergo evaluations and take classes.

In 2009, Solovan sentenced Carpenter to prison for three felonies. The crimes were in connection with a break-in at the Martins Ferry home of the surrogate mother for celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. For those offenses, Carpenter was sentenced to 2 years and 8 months in prison.

Then, in 2011, Carpenter pleaded guilty to three additional counts of receiving stolen property, namely firearms, after he admitted he stole from the Martins Ferry Police Department. Solovan sentenced Carpenter to an additional year for each of the three offenses, and the sentence was served consecutively to his first sentence.

Solovan said he has received letters from Carpenter and Carpenter's family, and he took all of that into consideration before granting the release. The judge said he believes Carpenter has changed for the better.

“It is therefore ordered that the defendant be sentenced to five years of community controlled sanctions, subject to the general supervision by the adult parole department, under any terms and conditions they deem appropriate, including that the defendant be prohibited from leaving the state without permission from the court or the adult probation department” Solovan said during the hearing.
Prior to being transported to the Belmont County Jail, Carpenter served his sentence at the London Correctional Institution. His attorney said six months at the correction center will prepare him to re-enter society.

“There are a number of classes that are offered to better yourself. He will receive counseling for the different issues. The judge ordered a few different things that he will be counseled for. Again, he will attend class and have the opportunity to look for employment. (It’s) basically a program to help integrate people back into society,” Carpenter’s defense attorney, Joe Vavra, said.

Vavra said unless Carpenter violates the judge’s orders, today will likely be the last time Carpenter is in court.

Fmr. police chief granted release from prison

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