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winter weather advisory all but Tyler County until 1 pm Monday

Snow mixed at times with rain especially well south of Interstate 70 is expected to accumulate 2" to 5" for most of the area tonight and another 1" to 2" Monday, for a total accumulation of 3" to 7" for most of the area through Monday evening.  In our far southern counties where more rain mixes in (especially southern parts of Monroe, Noble, and Marshall counties and Wetzel County), 1" to 3" snow is expected, with Tyler County likely to receive an inch or less.  


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Belmont County

Belmont County

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New Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department up and running

Updated: Thursday, July 31 2014, 06:21 PM EDT
BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio – There’s been a big change in Bellaire’s emergency services as the village’s new volunteer fire department is now ready for action.
With two trucks all shined and geared up, Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department's 14 certified firefighters are ready to answer fire and medical emergencies. Bellaire couldn't afford the $75,000 a year it was costing to have neighboring Neffs operate emergency services, so officials started the new fire department in an attempt to save money.
While some in the community have expressed concern about a volunteer department serving the community’s needs, Chief Bill Swoyer said they're starting off on the right foot.
“Presently we have 18 volunteers,” Swoyer said. “We have more calling, actually, every day to go to class. We have some people going into class August 11th at Belmont College for fire class."
To be a volunteer firefighter, you have to finish 36 hours of coursework and then pass a state test.

New Bellaire Volunteer Fire Department up and running

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