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Police looking for possible arsonist

Updated: Wednesday, May 7 2014, 09:54 PM EDT

By: Adam Del Rosso


Police in Belmont County are asking for your help looking for a possible arsonist. This after a fire was set in a lot along Industry Street in Powhatan Point.


Neighbor Jerrold Kenney was leaving his house for work Tuesday evening when he noticed flames next to his house. Without hesitation, he jumped into action putting out the fire and calling 9-1-1.


"I just told my wife to call the fire department and I got a shovel and put it out," Kenney said.


Police showed NEWS9 the lighter and a bottle of lighter fluid that was found at the scene telling authorities someone did this on purpose. Though they aren't sure of the reason why, they believe it could happen again possibly causing more damage.


"None of this town is a troublesome area. Kids do ornery stuff, but nothing like that," said Kenney.


Minimal damage was done to an SUV parked in the lot, but Kenney told NEWS9 he is lucky he spotted the fire when he did otherwise it could have been much worse.


"There are four (cars) here. It could have been worse if there was gas in there because they could have exploded," he said.


Since Kenney was on his way to work the midnight shift when it all went down, it was dark, so he said he wasn't able to see the person responsible. But he said if they try again, "I'm going to catch them. I'll catch them."


Right now, police said they do not have much to go on. If you happen to have any information you think is related to the crime, you can call Powhatan police or our Crime Busters tip line at 1-800-862-BUST.

Police looking for possible arsonist

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