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Potential business already causing concerns

Updated: Thursday, May 1 2014, 08:05 AM EDT

By: Adam Del Rosso


A new business could be moving into the East Ohio Regional Industrial Park, but not all residents are happy about the potential new development.


That site is located just outside of Barnesville along State Route 800.


According to county officials, dirt and other byproducts from various fracking sites nearby will be processed and cleaned at the park by a company called EnerGreen. The toxic dirt will be taken to a landfill off site and what's left will be used as the park.


Those against the project are worried that the toxic materials won't make it off site and will contaminate their land.


"I feel like what's happening is the project is being rushed into without the proper research into the potential health effects and environmental effects for this community," said Jill Ann Hunkler. "They have been very secretive about this project. No one knew about it."


County officials told NEWS9 this has been in the works for the past six months and discussed at multiple meetings, which they said are always open to the public.


"I'm concerned about runoff. There are streams here that lead to Piedmont Lake and that would affect the Muskingum Watershed, so that's a real concern," Hunkler added.


"This process, though it is still relatively new, is being thoroughly reviewed by the state agencies that regulate this type of disposal," explained Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas. ”This is a test site of a six acre parcel that could turn a hillside into a flat piece of ground that one could build on and ultimately create jobs."


The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has already granted a permit for the project. However, the permit from the Environmental Protection Agency is still pending.


Port Authority Director Larry Merry told NEWS9 a public meeting will be held in the near future to go over the facts of plans and to answer any questions, but it's unclear where or when it will be held.

Potential business already causing concerns

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