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Residents voice road concerns with signs

Updated: Wednesday, April 9 2014, 07:36 AM EDT

Belmont County, Oh –

Residents in Belmont County have been voicing their concerns to county commissioners during meetings about road conditions for some time now and now some residents have decided to act on their concerns with signs.

Residents decided to put up signs with county officials personal numbers on them.

One sign that was spotted a few days ago had all three county commissioners’ personal phone numbers on them but that was taken down. The second sign spotted was a sign that read “road paved in 1990 – voice your concerns” with the county engineer’s personal number on it.

Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas said roads are an issue almost everywhere.

“I think the first issue that’s affecting everyone in the Ohio Valley is that we’ve had an atypical winter this year, affecting infrastructure, roads that we haven’t seen for many, many years. It has taken a toll on almost every single road in the county,” Thomas said.

Belmont County officials are asking residents to be patient.

“From the county perspective, we ask our residents to be as patient as possible on the issue because it’s going to take a while to clean them all up,” Thomas said.

Commissioners will listen to all resident concerns but commissioners have no control over county roads.

“County commissioners do not have jurisdiction over the county roads. It is a very popular misconception. We are very sympathetic with our residents. The county engineers are in charge of the roads. He makes the decision on what’s going to get paved and patched,” Thomas said.

Thomas said the engineer department has asked for money in the past and they have given money this year for roads, bridges, and guardrails.

“This past winter has really done a number on all the roads countywide and it’s going to take a lot of money and a lot of time to fix them,” Thomas said.

Belmont County commissioners will issue a press release Wednesday to explain to residents how county roads are funded.

Residents voice road concerns with signs

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