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Senior Services campaign signs missing

Updated: Monday, October 28 2013, 04:36 PM EDT

By: Celina Pompeani


The Belmont County Senior Services program coordinator, David Hacker, said theSenior Services campaign signs they put out about three weeks ago for the upcoming election have gone missing, after receiving concerned phone calls at the beginning of last week.

Hacker said they received the first call from a senior who received services from them, saying that the signs she had placed in her yard were no longer there.

"At first I thought maybe this is just a coincidence, but then we received a second, third, and fourth call from seniors and community supporters, all noting that signs that they personally had out or had noticed some in some of the community areas were no longer where they were placed," said Hacker.

He said the bulk of them wentmissing near the Ohio Valley Mall Exit, in Bridgeport where Route 250 meets the ramp Route 7, and next to the Krogers on Route 7 as you enter the parking lot.

Hacker said at first he thought it was general maintenance along the roadwayscutting grass and were simply being displaced, but as time went on, he realized the signs weren't making their way back to the office.

"I don't know that we'll ever be able to locate why they have come up missing or why they have been displaced. Our goal is to continue to get the information out about the upcoming levy and the types of services that our community votes on and supports throughout senior community," said Hacker.

He said they are working on having additional signs printed now and were able to get support from donations from the community.

He said none of the signs are paid for by those levy dollars and they do have a committee that is working hard to raise money to get more out there.

"Whoever is doing this I hope that if they are pulling them for maintenance programs that they return them to the office here so we can reallocate them to the appropriate place," said Hacker.

Senior Services campaign signs missing

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