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Update: Seven arrested in Barnesville drug bust

Updated: Tuesday, February 25 2014, 12:04 PM EST

BARNESVILLE, Ohio – Seven people were arrested and charged with various drug-related offenses in Barnesville on Monday after a drug task force bust.

In all, the bust encompassed three homes, seven arrests and 23 charges from the western part of Belmont County as the task force continues to make its presence felt.

 “Unfortunately you have some of the scum of the earth pushing heroin into Barnesville,” Belmont County Drug Force Commander John McFarland said.

Officers first responded to a house at 65203 Mt. Olivett Rd, where McFarland says it’s not the first time officers have made controlled buys. Further investigations in recent months resulted in four arrest warrants and one search warrant for suspects associated with the sale of heroin of the house.

Kristy Thompson, Robert Wesley and Dylan Culbreth were in the house, while a fourth suspect, Mark Hannahs, was picked up later at a gas station on Route 800.

“He was associated with the distribution of heroin out of that particular residence,” McFarland said.

Officers weren’t done there.

They followed up on some recent complaints filed by area residents and made their next stop on 507 Clifton Street.

The result?

“We found heroin, drug instruments, and drug paraphernalia inside the apartment,” McFarland said, “along with marijuana.”

Arrested there were Daniel Blackstone and Shayne Goodson.

Next was a residence at 314 S Broadway St. where they found Robert Boyles, who McFarland says tried to evade officers.

“Prior to entering the residence, the officers were able to view him through a window (as he was) trying to hide in a closet,” McFarland said.

Police quickly learned Boyles was in violation of a temporary protection order, having recently been charged with domestic violence.

They also found drugs.

 “He had crack cocaine packaged for sale and delivery,” McFarland said.

The 23 combined charges range from trafficking in drugs, complicity to traffic drugs, possession of drugs, and various drug abuse instruments and paraphernalia charges. There’s also an endangering children charge.

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Update: Seven arrested in Barnesville drug bust

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