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Becoming a deputy

Updated: Sunday, March 16 2014, 11:51 PM EDT

WELLSBURG, W.Va - Dedication, commitment and respect are just some of the qualities that Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson looks for when making a new hire.

The entire process is designed to weed out the weak, which is something that a physical fitness test in crisp 18-degree weather takes care of. 
The group of applicants started as a group of 29 and is now down to 12. The department is only looking for three.

“We've given the written test, it was given three weeks ago,” Jackson said. “We've also added points, there's extra points given for certain things.”
Five points are awarded for certified officers or for candidates who have served at least a year of military service.
Next, came a fitness test consisting of 18 pushups in a minute, followed by 27 sit-ups also completed in a minute. Finally, a mile and a-haf run is required in a time of 15:20 or less. On Thursday, it was in the bitter cold.
"If you don't want to go out and run when it's 20 degrees, you probably shouldn't become a police officer,” Jackson said. “Because there's days when it's 20 degrees and you're outside running.
If  make the cut, the West Virginia State Police Academy is waiting on the horizon.
“When you go on the hill, you belong to them for another week,” Jackson said. “You can't walk between the buildings, you run between the buildings. If you're walking between the buildings you will be sanctioned.”
It's a very rigorous, very physical academy. We're one of the last state's that have a para-military type academy, boot camp setting.”
They narrow it down to the top three, and then choose from that group.

For the three positions they need to fill, they will move one candidate from outside the top three into the group and choose again.
“We want a person who wants to help people. We want a person who wants to respect people and we want a person who wants to earn the public's respect,” Jackson said. “These are the kind of people you see showing up on a day like today to run around that track."

Becoming a deputy

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