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Cooler temperatures put strain on local business

Updated: Tuesday, July 30 2013, 06:39 PM EDT

Rich Pierce 

July 30, 2013

The cooler temperatures and large amounts of rainfall this summer have not only changed summer plans for some Ohio Valley residents, but they have put a strain on some local businesses.


Howdy's Dari Owl in Follansbee has been operating every summer for the last 44 years, but recent cool weather has put a dent the businesses bottom line.

“It has been crazy.  It's either really hot or raining all the time. So, now that we have this cold spell where it gets chilly at night…it's not the best weather for ice cream, but we're still doing okay,” said Dari Owl manager, Brian Verner said.

It is that up and down weather that, at times, has cost the business up to $600 a day.  It is nearly one third of any given days income. Another locally owned ice cream shop in the Ohio Valley wanted to remain anonymous, but said they are seeing a similar decline in business.


“It affects us the most. The staff still gets paid.  It's basically our bottom line,” Verner said.


Steubenville resident Paul Gundrum was surprised to hear that type of loss was happening, but admits he has not done the same summer activities that he typically does.


“I don't think we've been out all this year for ice cream to tell you the truth," Gundrum said.


For ten year old Haley of Steubenville, the weather has kept her from the swimming pool.


“Not as much anymore. We used to when it was like really hot,” Haley said.


Verner says they deal with the decline as best as they can. On a day like today, he says they will probably lose some money but they hope to make up for it later on in the summer.

Cooler temperatures put strain on local business

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