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Development talks underway in Wellsburg

Updated: Wednesday, August 21 2013, 06:22 PM EDT

By Jennifer Black


Discussions to further develop Wellsburg are in full swing in Brooke County.  Officials in Wellsburg formed a re-development committee last year, and have been meeting ever since.

Now they're ready to get the ball rolling on creating a new future for the historic town.

"We have had a lot of good industries over the years and they've had their day,” city manager Mark Henne said.  “They take up large blocks and we need to clean them.”

First on tap, Henne said, is doing away with vacant buildings like the old Brooke Glass site.  A big focus will also be on making room for the expansion of existing businesses like Eagle Manufacturing.

“We want to support them because they support the city, but then there's things that we haven't had.  It would be nice if we had a small motel or hotel so folks could stay here when they visit the business in town, Henne said.

Officals are just starting to talk about what type of businesses they want to welcome into Wellsburg, and they are beginning to blueprint their plans with the help of the West Virginia University Law Center.

Eventually, the community will have their say on what should be done to further develop the area.

“Anytime you're at Kroger or along any of the sidewalks, dilapidated buildings come up because it is an issue with all local municipalities, " said Wellsburg Mayor Sue Simonetti.

Simonetti is hoping to make the area more appealing so younger generations will stay and raise their families here.

“People deserve to have a nice town, and we need to revitalize it,” Simonetti said.  “It hasn't been done for awhile, and we just need to step back and look at it."

At this time, there are no scheduled public hearings on the matter, but Simonetti does plan to have an information booth set up at Applefest the first weekend in October.  She said residents can learn more about the development project at that time.

Development talks underway in Wellsburg

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