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Market Street Bridge reopens

Updated: Wednesday, December 18 2013, 06:15 PM EST

By Jon Rudder
FOLLANSBEE, W. Va - The Market Street Bridge has reopened after a driver hit it, which shut it down for hours.

There was no structural damage to the bridge, but there was damage to the overhead restriction barrier that keeps vehicles that are too tall from crossing the bridge.

After several hours of work, repairs were made, but officials wanted to exercise caution when dealing with the 110-year-old span.

"We were really lucky that it didn't hit the post or the truss, because it didn't hit the bridge at all," District 6 Bridge Engineer David Sada said. "But of course, with the bridge being so old and the condition of that vertical barrier, we had to close it last night until we could take a better look."

Wednesday morning, officials carefully inspected the bridge and determined the bridge itself wasn't damaged from the incident.. Repairs began around 10 a.m. Wednesday morning.

"What they're doing now is putting a plate on the back of the wing wall to shore it up," Sada said. "Then they're going to dowel rods in to be able to reattach and then we'll put concrete around it."

Sada says that the damage was contained to the restriction barrier, which peeled backward after sustaining an impact toward the Ohio side of the bridge. For that, they're fortunate, but workers inspected the bridge once more before it reopened.

"We checked and then looked over the bridge, looked over all of the connections and all of the structural members that we could from the top," Sada said. "We'll take a walk down to the bottom close to the river. but I don't feel that the bridge was hit."

Now the bridge reopened this afternoon and officials don't anticipate any problems as a result of this incident. As of right now, they have been unable to identify the vehicle that caused the damage.

Market Street Bridge reopens

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