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New Cumberland special park board election set

Updated: Thursday, October 10 2013, 06:44 PM EDT

By Rich Pierce 

New Cumberland, WV 

October 10, 2013 

A special election is set for January in New Cumberland. It comes after a levy to fund the park board did not pass in May’s election.

There was some confusion, however. The current mayor started in July and thought enough votes had been secured to pass the levy.

Mayor Linda McNeil said she is “dismayed” and “frustrated” about the news that the levy did not actually pass. The levy needed 60 percent of positive votes to pass and received on 56 percent.

“I was under the impression and probably most of our voters were, a majority is 51 percent – at least it is every place I know of,” McNeil said.

The levy is the major source of revenue for the park board. Without the money from the levy, the city will be forced to cut back.

“No more maintenance. No more pretty looking parks as you drive through town or nice places to take your children for picnics and birthdays. It’ll be gone,” McNeil said.

The community center will also be affected. McNeil remains confident it will pass in the January special election.

“I believe it’s something the citizens of our town will overcome and I believe they will give us the 60 percent,” McNeil said.

The funding for the park board runs out in June. If the levy is passed, it will be funded through June 2018. 

New Cumberland special park board election set

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