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Ohio veteran searches for answers about his uncle

Updated: Thursday, April 10 2014, 06:23 PM EDT

BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. -- A Vietnam veteran from Ohio is looking for answers about his uncle, who was an American Prisoner of War during World War II.
The search for answers about Aubie Hudson’s
Life as a war prisoner in the Philippines began three months ago when his nephew decided to go through great lengths to find out about the uncle he never got to meet.
Wesley Hudson, a 67-year-old Vietnam Vet, walked through the ADBC World War II Museum in Wellsburg. It was an experiment he'll never forget.
Wesley took a 2-hour drive from Ravenna, Ohio, to find answers about his uncle, who served on Bataan as a radio operator until he was taken to two different prison camps in the Philippines. He worked as a slave laborer for nearly two years.
“I know I've heard about him all my life,” Wesley said. “I know his second youngest brother was supposed to go with him, but he got sick and couldn't go with his regular unit.”
While Wesley has heard about his uncle, he's spent years piecing together a book of his uncle’s life.
From pictures to his uncle’s diary entries from 1943, and even a letter that was mailed to the Hudson family after Aubie died in the prison camp from a sickness, Wesley has been able to find it all. But he wants to know more.
“I was looking for information on my unlce, and I ran across it online, of this museum,” Wesley said.
The museum director sat down with Wesley, showing him bits and pieces of the history his uncle was a part of.
They were also able to find out about the hell ship Aubie was on and a roster of his squadron.
Wesley says his next pursuit is to find other WWII vets who may have met his uncle.
“I know I've waited almost too late,” he said. “There's very few of them left. From the original 25,000-something that were taken prisoner, maybe about 15,000 survived as time went by. There’s less people that are alive.’’

Ohio veteran searches for answers about his uncle

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