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Puppies missing from Wellsburg home

Updated: Monday, October 21 2013, 12:21 PM EDT



A Wellsburg mother is hoping her cries for help are answered, after she says three puppies went missing from her home on Oct. 2.

Crystal Miller said the three 13-week-old Walker coonhounds were unattended for only 10 minutes at her home on Bealls Ridge Road in Wellsburg, and in that time they went missing.

Miller filed a police report the following day, and has since been putting up missing dog fliers in surrounding areas.

"All over Wellsburg, there's a couple in Follansbee, and some in Weirton. Mainly vets and places where people go with animals," Miller said.

Miller said her two children, ages 4 and 5, continue to ask about the dogs' whereabouts on a daily basis.

"We searched the neighbors, all of our property, and in the woods," Miller said.

Miller admits she at first thought they may have just run off, but said they played in the yard often without wandering off, and because of that the Brooke County Sheriff's office is taking the report seriously.

"They're puppies, which would tend to make me think they didn't wander off very far," said Brooke County Sheriff Chuck Jackson.

Jackson said it is important to report cases like this, even if they did run off, so more eyes can be on the lookout.

"Your pets are part of your family, they become intertwined in your life, even if they're puppies," Jackson said. "Consequently, we take the people the victims of missing or stolen animals very seriously, and we do our best to do what we can."

Whether the dogs were taken, or just ran off, Miller had this message for anyone who might have them.

"My kids miss them, and we took care of them really well," Miller said.

Jackson said that anyone with information should contact the Sheriff's Department, or you can contact Miller at (304) 914-8463.

Puppies missing from Wellsburg home

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