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Recycling bins to return in Brooke Co.

Updated: Wednesday, August 21 2013, 06:17 PM EDT

By Jennifer Black


Financial strains have made it difficult for Brooke County residents to recycle over the last few weeks, but that will change soon, as the county Solid Waste Authority is set to return most of the bins by early September.

Teresa Taylor, of Brooke County, said she has been keeping her recyclables in her basement for the last few weeks, ever since the authority replaced the bins with signs that read, “Recycling Unit moved to Brooke County Recycling Center Beach Bottom.”

“I heard someone took them(their recyclables) up to the dog pound, and it was just completely overrun.  I don't want to throw it out, so I'm just hanging on to it,” Taylor said.

The bins will returned to Hooverson Heights Primary School, Follansbee Middle School, Brooke High School, the Wellsburg Rite Aid and Bethany by Sept. 2.

Brooke County Solid Waste Authority chairman Glenn Kocher said they did not have much of a choice.

“We didn’t like picking them up, but it's just something you have to do," Kocher said.

Kocher says the board had fewer dollars to see the county's recycling program through.  Typically, they budget about $8,000 to pay for labor, collection, transportation and sorting.

“We were only getting back in the market for paper around $4,000 or $5,000,” Kocher said.

The board counts on money to operate the recycling program from grants and from 50 cents per ton taken to the county's landfill.  Kocher said that less trash at the landfill meant fewer dollars, which is why the bins had to go.

Now that the board has been awarded a new grant, five of the six bins can be brought back.

“The only one we didn't put back was Wellsburg Middle School, for right now,” Kocher said.  “We want to see what is the best place to have them.  We may move the other ones, if they're not best suited.”



Recycling bins to return in Brooke Co.

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