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Village Post Office opens in Tiltonsville

Updated: Wednesday, September 25 2013, 06:52 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

BROOKE, JEFFERSON COUNTIES - It will soon be a lot easier for residents in the area of Tiltonsville to ship packages through the mail. That's all thanks to the opening of a Village Post Office in a local business.

This new Village Post Office is the first of it's kind in the Northern Ohio District and with the local post office in Tiltonsville operating on decreased hours, it gives residents another option for a convenient way to send packages.

Located within communities in a variety of locations, Village Post Offices are operated by the businesses they are located in. The postal service mailed out letters to local businesses to ask if there is interest in harboring a village post office.

"I responded to it because, they said that if they closed them, the towns and villages would lose their ZIP code," said Tim Robb, owner of Express Auto. "I didn't want to lose my ZIP code."

Robb opened up the doors of his business to host one of these Village Post Offices. The postal service announced the concept of the VPO two years ago as a way to increase postal products and services to rural communities across the nation.

"We're very excited it's in Tiltonsville, small little rural community, that we feel needs to be connected to the rest of the world," Peggy Havanas, manager of retail for northern OHIO. "This Village Post Office will do that."

Once the announcement was made, Robb says that the interest in the VPO immediately jumped.

"I've actually had a whole bunch of people calling me, asking me, stopping in 'Hey, what's going on, are going to actually open up a post office someplace?' And I say, 'No right here.' So it's been received well."

VPO's offer a number of services including forever stamps, prepaid flat rate envelopes and a mail collection box. They're a benefit to a local business, but Robb also says they're a benefit to a community.

"Anything that keeps business of any kind in a community, keeps that community alive," Robb said. "That's what we're interested in doing, keeping our community alive."

There are currently 382 Village Post Office nationwide and the location in Tiltonsville becomes the seventh in the state of Ohio. The Tiltonsville VPO's hours of operation will be Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5p.m.

Village Post Office opens in Tiltonsville

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