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Armed intruder attacks local gas station owner

Updated: Sunday, March 16 2014, 07:51 PM EDT

Wellsville, OH -

An armed intruder entered a local gas station and set off a struggle between himself and the store’s co-owner.

Around 7:45 Sunday morning, co-owner Joe Wallick was setting up his store For Your Convenience gas station on 17th Street for the day.

An unfamiliar man was pacing outside, waiting for the store to open and knocked on the window.

“At 8 o’clock I opened up and he came inside the store and kind of saying he’s cold and stuff, mumming out words then I’m kind of setting up, he just kind of stood in front, waiting, looking around,” Wallick said.

Wallick waited to see what the man wanted but he did not ask for anything.

“He took out a crowbar out of his pocket and hit me over the head, hit me a couple of times. I managed to get away from him, hit him a couple of times with it then we just started fighting back and forth,” Wallick said.

Wallick was able to spray some pepper spray into the man’s eyes but the fight continued on for over five minutes.

“He got a hold pretty tight at the counter, I was able to pull his mask off,” he said. “He said if I calm down, he would take off so I calmed down and he just took off.”

Wallick was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and concerned customers stopped in to make sure he was OK.

He was robbed at gunpoint two years ago but he never expected something like this to happen again.

“I try to run this store, you know, I work hard and my brother works hard to try to run a small business and you know, seven days a week working is hard. We got a lot of good customers here, that’s one good thing,” he said.

Wallick said he was glad none of his customers were in the store during the incident.

Wellsville police checked the area for the suspect and BCI came to collect evidence. Few details are available; the incident is still under investigation.

Armed intruder attacks local gas station owner

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