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Drainage problems put home at risk

Updated: Thursday, July 25 2013, 06:47 PM EDT

By Rich Pierce 

July 25, 2013

Salineville residents continue to recover after the storms that hit Columbiana County earlier this week. 

One woman claims bad drainage could have cost her her life during the storm. 

June Raffle said it was like a wall of water coming over the hill in front of her mobile home. 

"I was afraid I was going down the creek with it. I was fearing for our lives. I was that scared," Raffle said. 

She blames poor drainage in the village. 

Salineville councilman Tom Hays says that is exactly what is the problem. But, he said, it could have been worse. 

"We're extremely fortunate that the house wasn't up on cement blocks or else the water would have pushed the trailer over the hill. Salineville may have suffered it's first fatality," Hays said. 

This drainage issue is nothing new. The village does not have the estimated $1.5 million it would take to add the appropriate drainage. 

"There's no business in Salineville and there's no way to get extra money other than the village income tax and whatever money the government gives us," Hays said. 

It is going to take time that Raffle does not think she has. 

"We have issues, you know. It could be a thunderstorm with strong rain and it's coming into my yard," Raffle said. 

Drainage problems put home at risk

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