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Grant money funds repairs for township road

Updated: Wednesday, September 4 2013, 06:04 PM EDT

By Jon Rudder

LIVERPOOL TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Repairs are coming soon to a piece of roadway in Liverpool Township affected by the flash flooding in July.

The damage to John Campbell Road was estimated to cost more than $34,000 to repair -- money that township trustees just didn't have.

Thanks to a grant that pays 90 percent of the cost, they can make the necessary repairs, and they're hoping construction will begin soon.

Just a few feet from the roadway is a steep drop all the way down to the creek bed. The heavy runoff washed away 20 feet of the piping.

"The pipe is about 71 or 72 feet long, and with it took the road berm and everything right up to the edge of the road, which is a pretty steep drop-off," Liverpool Township Trustee Karl Kontnier said.

Trustees say they have been approved for a grant to help replace the piping and the roadway. The township's pocketbook is not that deep, and they were worried about where the money would come from.

"It's like 'Oh wow, what do we do now?' Because a small township, a small budget, it was a real concern. We don't have the equipment to do a job like this."

With the emergency assistance grant covering more than $30,000 of this project, the township is left with a more payable bill of about $3,000.

"Without them, we would have to sacrifice so many other things to get this done;possibly we'd have to cut back on snow removal," Kontnier said. "$30,000 isn't easy to come by. It [the greant] makes a big difference. For that we'll be forever grateful.

NEWS9 spoke with a few residents along the road who didn't want to go on camera, but they say that in the time since the washout they have feared it could get worse. Now they are pleased to see the work getting done in a timely manner.

Grant money funds repairs for township road

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