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Historic landmark burns to ground

Updated: Monday, July 29 2013, 06:50 PM EDT


The Blanche Williams house at Beaver Creek State Park was built in 1875 and served as a wedding gift to Blanche and her husband, Denver Williams.

After standing for more than 100 years, the home fell victim to a fire that burned it to the ground.

The historic landmark was reduced to rubble as bits and pieces of glass and stone are all that remain of the home. It was one of the original three buildings in the pioneer village at the park.

"It's very funeral like, as if it were a person," Vice President of the Friends of Beaver Creek State Park said. "They share their memories. We've had relatives of Blanche and Denver Williams stop and of course they are devastated."

Pottery and a few other items were salvaged from the house.

"Only some square nails, some foundation stone, which are damaged to the point where they can no longer be used as foundation," Russo said. "We found a couple of buckets, and the metal metal from the sewing machine."

The group recently replaced the old slate roof on the house with a tin roof and that is believed to be the cause of where the fire started.

"They have a picture of a hole, where there's still some red showing around the hole where that lightning probably struck," Russo said.

But fire officials have still yet to officially determine what the actual cause of the fire was.

For now, the group will continue to sift through the debris to try and find any more items that can still be preserved.

Russo said that they would like to build some sort of memorial for the house, whether it be something as small as a pavilion or an actual rebuild of the home, as a way to pay homage to the landmark that stood and brought in guests for so long.

Historic landmark burns to ground

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