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Sheriff explains time it took to make arrests in murder investigatoin

Updated: Friday, July 26 2013, 06:56 PM EDT

Three people are facing charges in connection with the death of 22-year-old Holly Conrad-Carosiello back in August 2011 in Columbiana County. 

Nicholas Carosiello is now in custody. He was arrested yesterday for the murder of his estranged wife. His step-father, Richard Lewis was also arrested along with his current girlfriend. 

It was at his step-father's home in 2011, where police say Carosiello shot his estranged wife while she tried coming through a window at the home. 

Columbiana County Sheriff Raymond Stone says police believe Holly and several others attempted to break in to the house to steal drugs and drug money. He also said the number of people involved in this case required a lengthy process. 

"In this particular case, we had so many conflicting stories from so many people. Usually, no one tells us the truth before we put them in front of a grand jury and the prosecutor gets to interview these people. We get the stories straight and find out the truth," Stone said. 

He said they indicted the people involved accused of lower level crimes first. Then, as part of plead deals, they testified against the next level. This continued until it reached Nicholas Carosiello, his step-father and girlfriend. 

"It's like a ladder, basically. We started at the lower rungs and no we are at the top of the ladder. We've indicted all the way to the top," Stone said. 

While it took longer than he would have liked, Sheriff Stone is satisfied with the results. 

"It's a matter of time. [It] took a long time but the wheels of justice do grind slowly at times," Stone said. 

Sheriff explains time it took to make arrests in murder investigatoin

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