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Falling hill along Rockdale Road a concern

Updated: Thursday, August 7 2014, 06:25 PM EDT
BROOKE COUNTY, W.Va. – The falling hillside has created a large hole along Rockdale Road – one that poses as a potential threat to those living in the area.
Residents and business owners say they are all directly affected by the falling hillside. Orange cones warn drivers, but people who live on the road say it's not enough.
“Something needs to be done to it because it keeps slipping away and it's not getting better,” said Chris Ballato, owner of Ballato Brothers.
He says his auto shop has taken a direct hit because of the hillside near his business.
It’s no better for resident Jeri Lantz.
"I have older people that won't even come up this way,” Ballato said. “They will go clear around just to come up. They are afraid of a wreck happening there."
“There's a spot in the road that's missing,” Ballato added, “and they put cones around it, and every day, probably, the cones are down."
Lantz said the hole has been there for a little more than a year.
“My main concern is the kids,” she said. “The high school is at the bottom of the hill and the kids go up and down that all day long. Even just the out-of-town traffic we are getting now with the gas and oil, a lot of people don't know about that hill and how sharp the curves are and everything."
So what’s being done? The West Virginia Department of Highways was contacted to see when residents can expect a resolution. District 6 Maintenance Engineer Paul Hicks says it won't be any time soon.
He said they are currently dealing with 500 other slips and it will not be repaired within the next couple of months.
Traffic control with a possible detour, or officer posted, could be put in place to reduce hazards.

Falling hill along Rockdale Road a concern

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