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Family seeks missing dog, lends hand in helping others find pets

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 06:46 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, Ohio - You normally wouldn't hear about a family's search for their missing dog on the news.
Unfortunately pets go missing all the time.
But there is now a massive online community joining a local family in an effort to find their dog, Echo.
Cyrenna Yaras celebrated her 9th birthday on Thursday, but it wasn't not the same without her dog, which went missing 8 months ago while she was at another family member's house in Weirton.
"All I want is Echo," she said. "I want her home safe. I want her happy as she could ever be."
So does the Yaras family. For the past 8 months, they said they've spent $15,000 trying to find Echo. They said they sold one of their cars -- and they say it's all worth it.
 "We got her after my mother passed away from cancer, and that was their way of letting them know that life continues," said Cyrenna's mother, Darlene.
Echo's face and name has gone viral, as the family setup YouTube pages and a few Facebook pages.
"We thought that maybe if they would see how much we loved and cared in a video, not just on a flyer, they could say, 'well we have never even loved something like that, maybe they deserve their dog back," Darlene said. "We just don't want anybody else to suffer the loss as we have and that makes us feel better."
The Yaras have used the experience as a positive, though. They have been turning the effort to help others who have lost their pets. To date, they've help rescue 14 pets for other families.
For people who have seen Echo, the Yaras family wants you to give them a call.
You can find that information on our fans of Fans of WTOV-TV Facebook page.
That's also the place you can post your own "missing" stories that normally wouldn't be featured on the news.

Family seeks missing dog, lends hand in helping others find pets

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