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Victim of Wellsburg carjacking speaks out

Updated: Thursday, August 7 2014, 06:14 PM EDT
WELLSBURG, W.Va. – A day after a 17-year-old pointed a gun, threatened two teens, then got away by stealing a car, one of the victims is speaking out.
The incident took place along the Ohio River near the Wellsburg Water Plant during the middle of the afternoon Wednesday. The accused carjacker was eventually taken into custody down the road in Warwood, but right before he tore off in the stolen car, he said something to the victims they won't soon forget.
“It's just one of those moments when someone tells you they're not afraid to shoot you -- and literally they're looking you in the eyes and telling you that -- it gets, it gets pretty bad,” victim Bradley Wilcox said. “You get kinda hysterical and realize it might be the end here. But luckily, we got away with our lives."
Fishing with a friend turned into an afternoon Wilcox will never forget. The pair came face-to-face with a stranger pointing a gun right at them.
"It's just one of those things in your life that you don’t really know what's going to happen, and you're just panicking,” Wilcox said.
Surveillance video from nearby Zatta's Garage shows the incident unfold. In it, the suspect walks into an overgrown area near the river. He hides for a few minutes then makes his way over to his victims.
“We heard a guy run up behind us,” Wilcox said. “At that moment we were just thinking, ‘Oh, I wonder what this guy needs? (He’s) probably asking if we could help him with something.’ (He) says ‘I don’t want any trouble,’ pulls out a gun and aims at us, and tells us to give him the keys.”
The guys do what they are told, giving up the keys, wallets and a cell phone.
The suspect then takes off in the victim's car, but not before threatening the guys one more time.
“He got in the car, came back out looked at us and said, 'You guys want to start something; I don’t have my gun out right now.’ He then gets back in the car, and floors it off.”
The incident only lasts a few minutes.
Wilcox said he immediately called police when he knew the carjacker was gone. Then it was a mad dash through the brush and across the street to find help.
"He's a young kid,” Ed Zatta, Owner of Zatta's Auto Sales and Salvage said, speaking of Wilcox. “He was kind of disturbed, so we took him in and we called police right away make sure they get down here find out what was going on."
"I just tried to make sure nothing happened,” Wilcox said. “We didn’t get harmed. I would really hate for my family to have to go through like a funeral, pay for my funeral or my friend’s family to have to pay for his funeral.”
No one was hurt in the incident.
Thanks to quick police work from several departments, the suspect, said to be from Mingo County, W.Va., was arrested in Warwood about 30 minutes after the alleged incident.
He appeared in court Thursday afternoon for a detention hearing.

Victim of Wellsburg carjacking speaks out

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