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Brooke County prepares for cold weather

Updated: Monday, January 6 2014, 09:17 PM EST


Officials opened up their emergency operations center in Beech Bottom for the residents of Brooke County, in case they need anything.

Brooke County officials say these next 48 hours are crucial for all of the counties in the area to have plans ready in case of any emergencies.
"Yesterday I went and purchased food to stock our kitchen,that way we can get up and running to feed the SERT team members and some of our helpers here," said Marlene Whitco, EMA deputy of Brooke County.

She says since they have a lot of elderly people in the area, they need the extra hands that are trained to help run the shelter.

"Anything they need like I said,we have a lot of elderly out there, if they happen to run out of medicine or something happens drastically they need to call 911,”said Whitco.

She began preparing yesterday afternoon by loading the kitchen with food, and even hot chocolate and coffee.

The numbers for the emergency operations center in Brooke County are (304)-394-0801 or (304)-737-5002, and if those lines are busy you can contact the sheriff’s department.

Bob Fowler, EMA director, says they're doing this all for the residents.

"And we’re also checking on our equipment for our rehab trailer in case we have any type of a fire this evening where we will be able to support the fire department and make sure we can provide them some type of a place where they can get in with this weather," said Fowler.

Fowler was also contacted by a few water companies in Brooke County; they asked that residents let the water drip in all of their faucets.

"So that from No. 1 it would keep their plumbing from freezing up and it’llhelp keep water movement through their pipes to hope that we won't have any freeze ups," said Fowler.

He said they have also been in contact with the Hancock County EMA and have a plan set if they have to open up any warming shelters in the Weirton area.

They are also preparing for any type of a structure fire.

Brooke County prepares for cold weather

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