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Concerns mount after child is hit by car near bus stop

Updated: Friday, August 29 2014, 08:30 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. - One day after a car hit a child near her bus stop, neighbors are saying something needs to be done about dangerous drivers on School Street in Weirton.
The child received only minor injuries, but the incident has prompted significant gripes from residents who say it can be a dangerous street to walk on because many drivers speed down it, and some even roll right through stop signs.
There are multiple school bus stops along School Street near South 11th street.
"People do fly up and down through this area, and when I heard the incident yesterday, I wasn't surprised," resident Mike Keffer said. "I really wasn't. It's unfortunate but this obviously needs to be addressed."
Keffer waits for his children to be dropped off at the bus stop every day because of speeders.
Faith Rosiak lives on South 11th Street, right next to the stop sign.
"Realize our kids live here," she said. "If we were in your neighborhood, you would want us to abide the safety laws and watch out for your children. Well that's what we want in our neighborhood. We want you to slow down, watch out for our kids"
Keffer talked to Weirton police Friday, informing them where the problem areas are.
"It's very dangerous," he said. "Very, very dangerous, and I think a crossing guard would be very appropriate or something to be looked at maybe placing a guard in the area."
Neighbors said there are no sidewalks along some parts of School Street so children are forced to walk on the curb or in the road. They're planning to bring that up with city leaders.

Concerns mount after child is hit by car near bus stop

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