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Crews clean up after train derailment, fire, fuel spill

Updated: Thursday, August 21 2014, 03:05 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio -- Crews from the Environmental Protection Agency in Steubenville are assessing the damage following a train derailment, fire, and fuel spill Wednesday night.
Officials said it doesn't appear the diesel fuel left the accident site. But because it happened so close to the water, the Coast Guard did come in, along with the EPA.
Rail traffic resumed on one of the lines Thursday morning. It is, however a double line, and Norfolk Southern said it will not reopen the second line until it is confident it is safe.
As for what caused the derailment, early indications suggest part of the rail came up and punctured a 2,500 gallon fuel tank that was carrying 500 gallons of fuel.
A spokeswoman from the EPA issued this statement saying:
“On Wednesday night, Ohio EPA responded to a report of an accident involving a spill. While some diesel fuel burned off, 100 gallons were able to be recovered. Norfolk Southern will be bringing in equipment to properly remove contaminated gravel and ballast and ensure nothing leaves the scene. As of right now, we have no indication that any diesel fuel has left the scene of the accident.”
When crews first arrived, they were met with flames from the fuel but were able to secure the site quickly and also shut down traffic along nearby Ohio 7.
“Within about 15 minutes, we had the fire extinguished,” Steubenville Fire Chief Carlo Capaldi said. “Then it became a matter of looking to see how much diesel fuel was spilling out of the engine.”
Norfolk Southern said there is no time table on when the second track will reopen, but during the next 24 hours, they will work on the impacted stone. It's believed there is about 200 gallons of fuel under the track.
The investigation is ongoing. No injuries were reported.

Crews clean up after train derailment, fire, fuel spill

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