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Demolition continues on downtown Steubenville building

Updated: Thursday, January 2 2014, 09:22 PM EST

ByJennifer Black


The snow falling Thursday morning did not keep crews from continuing to tear down an old furniture store in downtown Steubenville.  The 75-year-old building is now reduced to a pile of bricks.

On Thursday, Vance Vukelic and a crew from RSV Inc. continued chipping away to get things cleaned up after several days of demolition.

“They started doing the asbestos removal about a month ago, and finished it about 2 weeks ago.  We had to put a 10-day notice in before we started tearing it down,” Vukelic said.

The former two-story Top Value Furniture store had sat vacant for several years.

“It’s sad, I think when any old historic building comes down.  In this case, it had gone into such disrepair that the street will look better without it,” Mark Nelson said.

In an effort to avoid a similar fate, Mark Nelson purchased the property just a few doors down from the old Top Value Furniture store.

“I just wanted to put money where my mouth was, if we’re going to revitalize [Steubenville],” Nelson said.

Nelson bought the property two years ago and recently put a new roof on it.  Right now he is still throwing around ideas on what to do with the space.

“Possibly put a coffee shop in there.  Something that would reach out to the college kids.  Also a frame art gallery we already do framing here in town, it would be a great place to put that as well," Nelson said.

While Nelson is sorry to see the end of an era for one business,  he is also keeping an eye on the benefits.

“It  is a good thing it’s being cleaned up, but it’s just sad when you break a line of buildings up like that in a downtown area,”  Nelson said  “It’ll make more parking so there are some pluses.”

Demolition continues on downtown Steubenville building

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