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Family gets sense of closure after Rusnak indictment

Updated: Friday, August 8 2014, 06:20 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio – A relative of James Kelsie Noble said she never thought she'd hear the news.
Noble, a quiet man who never had any children, was murdered in his Piney Fork home in 1975. But for his relatives, like great niece Lori Orban, he's not remembered for who he was but how he died.
"Just remembering the story my grandmother told me as a child about my great uncle being murdered, that they never found who did it and they didn't think they would,” Orban said. “So when I heard his name, it gave me goose bumps and a little sort of closure to it."
“His name” is Stanley Rusnak, who was indicted Wednesday in connection with three homicides, including that of Noble nearly 30 years after it happened.
Orban, who still calls Jefferson County home, is the granddaughter of Elsie, Noble's sister.
"It's nice to hear that they found it and he can rest in peace and maybe my grandma can knowing it's been solved," Orban said.
Orban said her grandmother had mentioned Rusnak.
"She'd probably say that she knew that's who did it cause she made comments saying they knew that that man did it,” Orban said. “I told you so kind of things."
Orban received a call from Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine who said, “I just want to tell you I'm glad this is finally resolved. It's been an awful long time …”
Orban said she is extremely interested in the case and will follow it as it winds through the court system. She said it's nice to know that investigators never gave up despite all the years that went by.
Rusnak will remain in jail until his first court appearance next Wednesday.

Family gets sense of closure after Rusnak indictment

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