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Hancock County is set to see some economic improvements

Updated: Wednesday, July 23 2014, 05:49 PM EDT
HANCOCK COUNTY, W.Va. -- Hancock County is set to see some economic improvements thanks to a big investment in Newell.
The feedback has been all positive since Hancock County Auto announced its opening next week. But this is only the beginning. The dealership will eventually move a new site at the old Newell football field.
That site was one of three properties purchased by the Business Development Corporation of the Northern Panhandle from Hancock County Commissioners almost a year ago.
"They're already seeing a plan investment of anywhere from $1.5-$2 million,” said BDC Executive Director Pat Ford. “You’re seeing a property being put back on the tax roles, the county’s already received some value from some scrap from the property, and we're going to see 24 jobs."
The dealership is a sister store to Beaver County Chrysler in Pennsylvania, owned by P.J. Latsko. The 3.5-acre site will be sold to Latsko for around $250,000 once the real estate deal is closed.
“We're really excited about closing the real estate deal and allowing P.J. Latsko to move forward and build that new dealership," Forde said.
Part of the deal with Chrysler was that they needed to open up right away while they begin constructing the new facility. All has worked out so far. Ford says that even community members are excited about the new dealership coming into town.
“They can't come into Hancock County without someone stopping them at a bank or a gas station or a grocery store, without somebody giving them a hug thanking them for their investment,” Ford said. “It’s really good news all around, it has done wonderful for the morale of the community and it’s going to be great for the tax base in Hancock County."
Officials with the dealership say that the Memorial Wall at the old Oak Glen football field will stay there. Ford says that they anticipate the new facility to be built in the next year and a half.

Hancock County is set to see some economic improvements

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