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A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for Tyler county.  The watch goes into effect at 4 pm today and continues through Wednesday evening. 


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Homes swamped in Adena

Updated: Wednesday, August 20 2014, 05:32 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio –Adena was among the worst hit areas as Wednesday morning’s rain brought flash flooding in many parts of the Ohio Valley.
On Wednesday afternoon, Adena was full of crews and residents trying to clean up the mess that Mother Nature poured on them.
R.J. Konkoleski lives on East Main Street and says it was a lot of rain too fast.
“Any time we get probably 4 inches of rain, the creeks and town just can’t handle it and it comes over the banks and everyone gets a basement full of water,” Konkoleski said.
Nearly 30 homes on Main Street flooded within minutes. Konkoleski had his own pump ready to go to work.
“We're just pumping the water out of the basement,” he said. “We’ll throw away the junk that we probably should have thrown away and not stuck in the basement. We’ll clean off what we want to put back, hose everything out, and in a couple days, things will be back to normal."
It’s the fourth time Konkoleski has gone through this process. Short Creek is located right behind his house so he's learned to be prepared.
“It seems like it happens more frequently,” he said. “No one maintains the waterways. There’s no dredging, there’s no anything done, so when you don’t take care of it, this is what happens.”

Homes swamped in Adena

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