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It's a bumpy ride across railroad in Martins Ferry

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 12:22 PM EDT
MARTINS FERRY, Ohio – A stretch of Ohio 7 in Martins Ferry is garnering attention -- and winces from drivers-- each time a vehicle hits the small crater on the railroad crossing.
It’s a problem that is being addressed but there is no timetable for a fix.
Martins Ferry Mayor Paul Riethmiller said he's certainly aware of the situation. It's just, not up to the city to problem solve. Ohio 7, through that particular portion, does not belong to Martins Ferry.
"There is a discussion going on because it’s a project that has to involve the railroad and (the Ohio Department of Highways) because that is ODOT’s road. Some cities have given -- Martins Ferry is one -- that we actually gave the rights back to the state years ago.”
Riethmiller acknowledges that Norfolk Southern, which owns the railroad here, did do some minor blacktop patching around the tracks.
"It improved it a little bit," he said.
But Riethmiller said the railroad is working with ODOT on the possibility of completely replacing the crossing with concrete because in this highly traveled area. The normal crossing simply can't withstand the traffic.
"It's their responsibility so we are asking them for help,” Riethmiller said.
Riethmiller said, just like any other project, plans have to be submitted, so it's not going to be a quick fix. But the concern has been vocalized and officials have acknowledged they're working toward a fix.

It's a bumpy ride across railroad in Martins Ferry

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