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Man charged with assaulting police pleads guilty

Updated: Monday, December 30 2013, 09:01 PM EST

By Rich Pierce 

Jefferson County, OH 

December 30, 2013 

A man charged with assaulting two officers in July in Steubenville changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced today.

Kenneth Jett was arrested after a Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy and a Steubenville police officer approached his parked vehicle because of a noise complaint. Jett then fled, nearly pinning one of the law enforcement officers between his car and another vehicle.

“We consider it to be a very serious offense because two officers were almost severely hurt by the actions of Mr. Jett,” Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said.

The charges against Jett could have resulted in a 16-year sentence. The arrangement agreed upon by both sides was that Jett would serve two years for each of two charges. Those sentences would be consecutive.

“They realized that the evidence against him was strong. These officers were simply doing their job and both of them risked being killed that night simply because he wouldn’t stop the vehicle,” Hanlin said.

Despite the agreed upon sentence, the defense asked for mercy – knowing the judge could deviate from the agreement when sentencing.

Before the final ruling Jett made one final plea to the court.

“I’d like to apologize to the officers and their families. I want to apologize to you, your Honor, to the prosecutor and to my family. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I thank God no one was hurt. I am not a violent person,” Jett said.

In the end, the plea agreement was honored.

“We had talked with these officers. Both officers have very young children. We are just grateful that these officers are OK,” Hanlin said. 

Man charged with assaulting police pleads guilty

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