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A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for Columiana County and A Winter Storm Watch is in effect for areas along and north of Interstate 70.
Begins:  Sunday at 4am
Ends:  Monday at Noon.
Several inches of snow are possible, but some mixing may also occur Sunday night, especially south. 


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Officials keeping an eye out for illegal fireworks

Updated: Wednesday, July 2 2014, 07:03 PM EDT
BROOKE COUNTY, Ohio -- Every year in the emergency rooms, we hear about people who don't listen to the warnings.
Fireworks are dangerous.
Now there are more people deciding to make their own, and they're doing it with bad advice from places like YouTube.
It happens all around us.
“In the state of West Virginia, basically, anything that goes boom is illegal,” Follansbee Patrolman Steve Falbo said of large fireworks.
But the law isn't stopping people online from showing the world how to do it yourself from pieces that some people buy by the dozen from roadside firework stands, even the seemingly innocent sparklers.
“If anyone buys a brick, you get a little bit suspicious, especially teenagers, because those are the kinds of kids that are getting bored with the new laws,” Weirton Fireworks World Manager Jon Simpson said. “They can't get a hold of firecrackers."
Kids buy sparklers in bulk, wrap electrical tape around a cluster, and what happens next could be extremely dangerous.
"Last year a lot of teens came in here and bought bricks,” Simpson said. “At first, I didn't know what was going on until my friend actually showed me a few YouTube videos about sparkler bombs."
"If you get caught with them, you will be arrested for it," Falbo said. “We've had incidents where people have made homemade fireworks and got injured. Under no circumstances should you attempt to make homemade fireworks. That can be very dangerous.”
So if people are looking for a bigger boom this 4th of July, officials are warning to leave it to the professionals.

Officials keeping an eye out for illegal fireworks

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