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Problems surface over Prime Time levy

Updated: Tuesday, August 19 2014, 05:45 PM EDT
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ohio -- Disagreements are surfacing on how money from a recent levy for a senior center should be used.
The levy, which raises a little more than $1 million, was just extended in the May election. It’s known it as the Prime Time Levy, but fine print has another senior center asking for its share.
"I believe I have the ability to tap into some of that money," said Amy Mihalyo of Jefferson County Senior Services, another senior center in the county.
Mihalyo said money is needed to maintain and expand, and she wants 8 percent of the Prime Time levy voters just passed in May. She's been asking Jefferson County Commissioners for part of the levy money for a year now.
But so far the answer is no.
"We give all the money to Prime Time; that's how the levy was passed," explained Commissioner Thomas Gram.
Mihalyo disagrees.
She says since 2005, the Prime Time Senior Center has had a levy, but during the years 2005 and 2009, Prime Time's name wasn't on the levy. This year it was.
"The levy that was passed on the ballot this year has the header of Prime Time in the header, but we vote on the ballot language,” Mihalyo said. “We don’t vote on the header. The ballot language says senior services, so that's where my argument comes into play."
Basically, Mihalyo thinks her organization -- Jefferson County Senior Services -- should be included in that as a part of senior services.
"In order to grant what this lady is requesting, we would have to first of all go against the prosecutor’s opinion saying we can't do it," Graham said.
"We want to just co-exist peacefully with everyone,” Mihaylo said. “And to be able to offer the services we offer, and for other organizations to offer the services they offer."
Mihalyo said she will continue to exhaust all of her options to get the levy money divided.

Problems surface over Prime Time levy

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